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yGuide Yoga Software Review
Learn Yoga Online Staff

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  I recently purchased yGuide Yoga software and Iím impressed with what I found!

After downloading the program to your computer a screen comes up allowing you to either access the program directly or take a tour. I opted to take a tour to get an overview of what the program offers. I would recommend that you start here to get a feeling for the power and scope this yoga software offers.

The Pro Version software I purchased included Ashtanga Yoga poses and Great Yoga Poses I. Between these two options there is a wealth of information. A total of 145 yoga poses are covered with a 690 pictures included. Details like benefits, drishti, variations and sequencing are all included and easy to access.


My Yoga Practice

There are several functions within the software. The My Practice section allows you to customize a practice session for yourself or for your students. You can create a pose sequence from poses that are included with the program or add your own.

For each post you can see or set the transition (what pose comes before it), drishti (focal point for eyes), number of repetitions to be performed, benefits, variations and detailed instructions on performing the pose. There are also one or more pictures included for each pose (depending on whether there are variations).

My Yoga Journal

The My Journal function allows you to keep track of asanas practiced on a given day or session. There is space to record your feelings and other practice notes. There is also the capacity to drill down in this section to add more detail.

This function could be particularly helpful to beginning yoga students to keep track of what poses you have practiced each week and how you feel as a result. When our conscious mind actively notices the benefits it is receiving from yoga practice we are able to stay more easily motivated to continue our practice.

Yoga Reports

The Reports function allows you to organize or print the information on asanas, with or without pictures, into a page format. You can include or exclude details such as drishti, repetitions, benefits, transition out, etc.

This can be quite useful whether itís for your own reference when practicing, or as a guide when teaching a class, or to give to one of your students. You can choose as much or a little information as you like. With this function you could create a yoga study guide, practice reference list or workshop handout.

Yoga Asana Source

Yoga Asana Source is another whole section of the software that allows you to keep detailed information on poses, including variations for each pose. Again, I can see this being very useful particularly for yoga teachers and students. There are many poses students have difficulty with when first beginning to practice them. The body needs time to build strength or flexibility. Knowing variations and being able to provide these variation is important to avoid injury or frustration.

Yoga Picture Show

The Yoga Picture Show is just what it sounds like. It is like a slide show of your chosen asanas. It allows you to manually advance through the poses or set it to run on its own. You can even set the delay time between slides (poses) to allow you to time holdings during a practice session.

Overall, this is a well thought out and very useful software program. And, because of the ability to customize and add your own asanas to what is already there, youíll never grow out of the software.

Whether youíre a student or a teacher of yoga I recommend that you check this software out. In addition to the Ashtanga and Great Yoga Poses software, thereís a complete collection of 98 poses with 510 pictures specific to Pregnancy. Detailed instructions, variations and props are included.

Visit yGuide Yoga site.