"Increase Your Strength and Flexibility and Achieve a Deeper Connection with Your Body Practicing Easy-to-Follow Yoga Instructions in the Comfort of Your Home!"

"This last January I was in Hawaii for a vacation and went to Bette's yoga class on the beach. I enjoyed the style so much that I bought her tapes. I've taken classes and used books and video tapes over the years but these tapes are my favorite. I would like to order another set for my daughter who did the tapes with me while I was visiting her in San Diego. She talked me into leaving a tape with her so now we each have half a set!" Seattle, WA
Learn to turn your focus inward during yoga practice to relax your mind and body to receive greatly increased benefits from the practice. Discover a joy and ease in movement that is often lost in more effortful practice. And, best of all, build greater strength, vitality and flexibility without strain or injury.
  • Build strength and flexibility while staying relaxed and focused mentally.
  • Learn to get more from your practice by remembering to breath and relax when holding poses.
  • Become more centered and calm during and after practice.
  • Have more energy and vitality.
"I like these audio tapes much more than my new yoga video. I also recently did a yoga video that I had bought years ago. I hurt myself doing it then. And I hurt myself now - even being stronger and more flexible. This tape series is the best. What I really like is that I'm constantly reminded to breathe. The other ones only mention that occasionally and I realize I haven't been breathing well. Or, they don't do something slowly enough or with enough warm-up, stretching or whatever to protect your lower back." Perkasie, PA

Yoga Instruction on Audio Helps you to Focus Your Attention Inward and in the Process Greatly Enhances the Benefits You Receive.

If you want to get the maximum benefit from a yoga practice you'll want to stay highly focusedmentally during your practice. It's hard to do that when you're staring at your t.v. and comparing your body to the person on the screen or getting distracted by the Hawaiian sunset in the background.

When your focus is placed on your body and breath during practice you are, in essence, directing your "life force" energy directly to the areas of your body that most need it to release tension or blockages. Without that focus you are more apt to injure yourself or create other problems.

With so many yoga videos and DVD's available today, audio is sometimes overlooked. Personally, I prefer to be guided with sound only. This allows you to keep your attention on what's happening in your own body rather than on the person guiding the session. When viewing video or DVD there's a tendency to compare your body - flexibility, strength, contours, etc - with the person on the screen. For most people that's a losing proposition that can lead to frustration and sometimes the tendency to push too hard in an effort to get as deep into the pose as the person on the screen.

" Such a fine job you've done with this series. Your accurate/correct inclusion of the subtle details (the real essence of yoga in my opinion) separates these CDs from most. Most of the poses are readily accessible to the beginner, thus encouraging the student to delve deeper into the beauty and wisdom that yoga can teach us. No matter at what level one practices, your series is always beneficial." Canon City, CO

Yoga for Strength, Flexibility, Relaxation & Vitality
Led by Bette Phelan  

Two 90-Minute Audio Cassette Tapes
or Four 45-minute Audio CD's.

A complete yoga program with clear, easy-to-follow instructions on postures, alignment and breathing. Each 45-minute session focuses on a different aspect of the practice to provide a comprehensive workout for building strength, flexibility, relaxation and vitality.

Bette Phelan is a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher with 40 years experience practicing, studying and teaching yoga. Bette currently lives on the island of Hawaii and teaches yoga at Hualalai Four Seasons Resort . Bette is the Founder and Co-Director of Tropical Tune-Ups, week-long yoga retreats for women.


"Thank you for your nine years of dedication and expertise at the Hualalai Sports Club and Spa. Your excellence in yoga instruction has been instrumental in the sensational growth of our yoga program." 
Thad Calciolari, Spa Director, Hualalai Sports Club and Spa, Four Seasons Resort, Hawaii


 Four 45-Minute Yoga Sessions for a Complete Workout
Available on CD or Cassette

A gentle session of stretches and postures to increase flexibility and range-of-motion. Extended holdings combined with deep breathing and a focus on the body helps to release tension and energy blockages which can be an underlying cause of tightness. Builds poise and balance while creating a more supple body.

Warm ups, Upward Dog, Downward Dog, Frog, Forward Bend, Spinal Twist, Boat.

A vigorous session of warm-ups and postures to strengthen and tone muscles and joints throughout the body. Build stamina and concentration while revitalizing every system of the body.

Warm ups, Standing Squat, Triangle, Cobra, Half Locust, Half Shoulder stand, Fish, Head to Knee.

A vigorous session of dynamic exercises and postures to strengthen your Hara center, the body's source of vital healing energy. Tones and firms the abdomen while purifying the body and increasing energy. Builds confidence, stamina and vitality.

Warm ups, Goddess, Sun Salutation, Half Moon, Warrior, Bow, Bridge.

A gentle session of warm-ups and breathing techniques (pranayama) followed by a guided relaxation. Yogic breathing can reduce stress and induce a meditative state allowing you to relax more fully. Deeply calming and rejuvenating on all levels.

Yogic Breathing, Warm ups, Tree, Nodi Sodhana, Guided Relaxation.

"I 'did' the first tape today flexibility & strength...it was just like being in Hawaii again! I love them! They are so well paced and with excellent verbal instruction and the music is lovely! I also liked that I could end with one but could also continue doing the other side since I had time today. Thank you!" Clear Lake, WA

NOTE: This yoga program is in audio format only. We recommend using audio over video when practicing yoga so that the mental focus can remain inward on the body and breath rather than outward on the video screen.

 While Supplies Last!
We'll include a 11" by 17" poster with pictures of the postures and warm-ups with both CD or Cassette series.

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee


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" I purchased this set of yoga tapes a couple of months ago. I live in the UK and found it very difficult to find good audio tapes within the UK. I don't think I have ever enjoyed doing yoga more than when I listen to these tapes. I can totally switch off and relax, Bette's voice is very soothing and back ground music very relaxing. I would be interested to know if she will be make any other tapes as I would like to purchase more. " United Kingdom


"I have to tell you that I LOVE your CDs. Literally wore out a set I bought several years ago. I was so excited that I was still able to find them online. They are without a doubt the best I have ever found." Woodbridge, VA


Yoga Series on 2 Cassettes - Cost: $25US

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Yoga Series on 4 CD's - Cost: $40US
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