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(Try this short mantra meditation to calm yourself and feel more centered)

The meditator needs patience, perseverance, enthusiasm, and sincerity. An attitude of non-expectation and constant self-acceptance is important. Meditation is meant to be a joyful process although there will be painful experiences.

Either on a straight-backed chair or in a comfortable sitting position, allowing the spine to be erect. Use a cushion or a folded towel to tilt the pelvis slightly forward. This helps when sitting for a length of time. Body and mind will become accustomed to a regular time and allow the meditation to deepen.

It is important to begin meditation with a relaxed body. Some purification breathing exercises will be helpful. You might want to try The Power of Breath or simply begin taking long relaxed breaths through the nose.


So Hum = "I am that"

1. Establish a relaxed rhythm with yogic breath.

2. On the inhalation begin to mentally repeat SO

3. On the exhalation mentally repeat the syllable HUM. Observe as the sound comes and goes into your consciousness. Visualize simultaneously the in-breath as a flow of energy moving up the spine.

4. After practicing this for a few weeks, when breath and mantra become one, focus your consciousness on the third eye, the spot between the eyebrows. The whole being will gradually attune to the transcendental vibrations of the mantra.

Regular meditation will eventually and most subtly change eating habits and life-styles. The food we eat, the thoughts we think, the things we do, and everything, is interwoven and influences the state of the mind.

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